The Environment

Environmental friendliness and sustainable development are core values ​​in all of Svala's operations. This applies to product quality, our working environment, working methods and the materials we use in our products.

We believe that high quality is the best environmental performance. High-quality clothing lasts longer, reducing the need to buy new clothes. The merino wool used in Svala products comes from responsible producers who do not use the Mulesing method for sheep breeding. Mulesing is a method for avoiding parasites, where the sheep has some skin around the tail removed and the tail docked.

Fewer Washes

Washing clothes is a burden on the environment. The technical characteristics of Svala’s products are state-of-the-art and as a result, do not need to be washed as often as ordinary clothes. Even if the merino wool product gets wet with sweat, it can, in most cases be cleaned by aeration. However, stained clothing should be washed.

Waste Recycling

Fabric cutting surpluses are utilized wherever possible in the manufacture of smaller products. Pieces that are unsuitable for product manufacturing are given to the sewing and craft groups to be further used.

A Good Working Environment

All Svala products are handmade in Finland. Svala is a responsible employer that complies with Finnish law and collective agreements.

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