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Svala's base and intermediate layers help the body maintain the right temperature by removing excess moisture from the skin. With layered clothing, your body adapts to changing thermal conditions.

Against the skin

The function of the base layer is to remove moisture from the skin.The products work in both cold and warm conditions, keeping your body temperature balanced and comfortable. Your skin will stay dry, even if the pace of activity varies from calm to intense.

Svala Thermal Collection clothing is ALWAYS worn directly next to the skin. Depending on the conditions, cotton, merino wool or breathable windproof clothing can be layered with these garments to create the perfect outfit.

Merino products are worn as a base layer when the conditions are cold or the activity level in a cool environment is low. Moisture is removed from the skin, and the warming Merino wool will not take you by surprise, even if your activity levels drop slightly.

Fireproof products are worn as a base layer when dealing with fire and heat. Fireproof products provide instant protection against heat, flames and radiant heat, so you must always wear protective equipment appropriate to the circumstances.

Windproof products are worn as a base layer when the conditions are very cold and windy.

First Mid Layer

An insulating layer is worn over the moisture transfer base layer to keep the skin warm and away from the cold and moisture.

Svala Merino products are worn as a second layer on top of a Svala Thermal layer when moving in the cold.

Power Stretch clothing is worn as a second layer when the conditions are cold or when activity levels are very low when working in cool conditions.

Windproof products are worn as a second layer under cold and windy conditions.

Second Mid layer

For extremely cold conditions and varying activity levels, more Svala products are needed to keep your body warm and dry. Mid layer products include Svala Merino and Power Stretch.

Wind protective layer

Over the top of the Mid layers, you will need a windproof layer, such as a thin wind suit, which should also breathe as much as possible so that moisture is efficiently removed from your clothes.

The Windproof range is designed to protect the most sensitive parts of the body in very windy conditions.

Break Clothing

There is also a need to take breaks between exercise and work. For these, it is advisable to carry a separate warm garment, such as a lightweight, down jacket.

The technical specifications of the products can be found here.

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