100% Finnish

Finnsvala Oy’s factory is located in the rural area of Kärsämäki, Finland where we design and manufacture all of our products.


The company has been a important part of the region since 1955, both as an employer and as a taxpayer.

A new factory was completed in 2018, which has enabled us to develop responsible operations and to continue the sustainable development of our company and products. The factory uses geothermal heat, waste recycling and reuse is maximized.

We donate surplus fabric pieces left over from the manufacturing process to various hobby groups and kindergartens for use as craft materials.

Working conditions

The working conditions of the new plant represent the state of the art in the industry. Energy efficient LED lighting is designed into the workplace with the welfare of the employees in mind. Good workplace ergonomics and a pleasant working environment are key elements in our long-term relationship with all our staff. We also have an onsite occupational health care team.

The salary of our employees is based on a collective bargaining agreement within the industry. With employee’s personal matters, such as family needs, we are flexible and are able to accommodate most requests.

Responsible Manufacturing of Products

We use only raw materials that are audited by our suppliers. Manufacturing in Finland is a decision born of principle, which means taking into account the environment in logistics as well as local employment. By manufacturing our products in Finland, we avoid unnecessary freight transport of finished clothing.

By paying close attention to the supply chain as well as the quality of the work in Finland, we are able to make products that will last for years. A high quality, long lasting product is the best for the environment. In our product design, we rely on proven designs rather than promoting fast fashion by making new patterns or cuts for each season.

Product Packaging

Our product packaging is made from recyclable material, and we encourage our customers to reuse the packaging at home.

We invest in Finnish know-how and quality. And we believe that consumers are increasingly relying on ethically sound, long-life products. Our business as a whole is based on responsibility, sustainability and transparent operations.

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