Repair Service

Sometimes Good Things Need Repairing.

In order to maximize the lifespan of your Svala garment, we carry out repair sewing on our products. This includes zipper replacement and wear and tear repairs. We carry out all repairs at our factory repair shop.

Even if your garments are not made by Svala, we can help!. Even if your garments are not made by Svala, we can help!

Don’t throw away your damaged base or intermediate layers made by other companies. We can fix them too – no matter where the country is or where it is made. Let’s make an environmental act together and repair the old instead of buying a new one!


  • Prices are based on an hourly rate of $ 40
  • Patches, Minimum price 20 € + material costs: We will confirm the final price before ordering work
  • Zipper replacement, 35€ (including zip)
  • Extension or shortening of simple leggings or sleeves €50, (sleeves / leggings with Velcro fastening or zipper are included separately)

Delivery and Return of  repaired product:

  • Use the form below to provide additional information on repair requirements, and you will receive an estimate of the cost and schedule of the repair by email.
  • For repair work on Svala products, we will pay the shipping costs, while the shipping costs for other manufacturers’ products are paid by the customer.
  • Repair and material costs will be invoiced upon return of the repaired product.

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