Svala Thermal Mesh T-shirt, V-neck


A high-tech t-shirt for year-round use that balances temperature variations by cooling in the summer while insulating and warming in winter. There is a smooth knit on the shoulders so that the sling of a gun or a backpack will not chafe.

Colors: black, green

Unisex-sizes: XXS-4XL

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Breathable long-sleeved t-shirt for every season that efficiently wicks moisture.

The material, silver ionised polypropylene mesh fabric, is extremely flexible and hugs your skin. Silver ionisation prevents the reproduction of bacteria, which guarantees the garment stays odourless and fresh for longer. The treatment is made in the manufacturing stage to the core of the fibre so the fabric retains this quality throughout its entire life cycle. All our seams are flat sewn, so the product is comfortable to wear with no chafing or rubbing. There is a smooth knit on the shoulders so that the sling of a gun or a backpack will not chafe. 

Can be worn when paddling in the summer or under an outdoor or hunting outfit from the heat of the summer to a few degrees below zero, and it can also be worn for heavy exercising even at -15 degrees. When it’s colder, it can be worn underneath a thermal layer in which case it wicks moisture to the external clothing layer, airs and creates a warming air layer on top of your skin. Wash at 60 °C.

Made of: 100% polypropylene, silver ionization / antibacterial

Measurements (unisex):

The dimensioning is based on the dimensioning tables given by the federation of Finnish clothing manufacturers (formerly Vaatetusteollisuuden Keskusliitto, now Finnish Textile & Fashion). The dimensions given in the table are fixed body dimensions in centimetres.

A= Chest, cm: The chest is measured at the widest point, under the armpits. The tape measure must run straight across the back.

B= Waist, cm: The waist is measured at the narrowest point.

A 90-94 94-98 98-102 102-106 106-110 110-114 114-118 118-122 122-126
B 75-80 80-85 85-90 90-95 95-100 100-105 105-110 110-115 115-120

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 21 × 16 × 6 cm
Svala Thermal Mesh T-shirt, V-neck
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