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Face Masks. 2pcs


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Polyester face mask made in Finland

An adjustable, well-fitting face mask for everyday use. The mask can be adjusted over the nose and face so that no air leaks from the sides of the top of the face shield. The double polyester fabric has been subjected to a dirt and water repellent treatment (NUVA treatment), which prevents droplets from passing through the fabric and provides better protection than ordinary textiles. The reusable face mask can be machine washed at 90 degrees at least 15 times.

The face masks are delivered individually packed. Special care has been taken in the manufacture and packaging of our face mask. Workers are equipped with face shields and protective gloves. The workspaces are also regularly cleaned.

Material: Polyester CoolMax 100%. The masks are made of 2 layers o fabric and weigh 220 g.
The material is covered by the Orneule Öko-Tex 100 standard.

Colors: white. You can also pre-order the colors available in week 18: neon yellow, orange, black

If you or your company needs a larger number of face masks (more than 100), contact Marko:, 044 341 4141

NOTE! Read the important user manual and mask protection specifications below!

As the face mask is a hygiene product, it has no right of return.

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When Using a Face Mask:

Put the mask on your face and take the elastic bands behind your ears.


  • Always use a clean face mask with clean hands
  • Keep the mask clean: do not touch the mask during use.
  • Wash your hands before removing the mask.
  • Remove the mask by touching only its straps and place the mask directly in the washing machine or a plastic bag.
  • Wash your hands and the mask after each use.
  • Wash the mask after each use at 90 degrees or boil it.
  • A dirty mask can spread viruses.
  • Touching the mask increases contaminants in front of the airways.
  • During use, the mask must not be removed or worn around the neck.
  • Note that a moisturized mask allows microbes to penetrate more easily than a dry one.

    Pull the top of the mask over your nose and the bottom under your chin.
  • Do not use the mask on others.
  • There is more harm than good in a damaged mask.

    The mask does not correspond to personal protective equipment or surgical nasal protection: masks do not provide the user with reliable protection against coronavirus for example.

    The mask does not meet personal protective equipment regulations and is not CE marked. The mask does not meet the requirements for FFP2 / FFP3 protection level.

    The mask must be washed at 90 degrees.

Kasvomaski hylkii vettä ja likaa ja sen voi pestä 90 asteessa.



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White, Neon yellow, Orange, Black

Finnish Face Mask
Face Masks. 2pcs
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