Fireproof Polo Neck Shirt


Underwear for dealing with fire, heat, or electricity; provides instant protection against heat, radiation, flames and arc.

NOTE!! Always wear additional protective clothing as required by the circumstances.

Color: black

Unisex-sizes: S-XXL

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Long-sleeved undershirt that provides instant protection from heat, flames and radiant heat. Worn underneath protective clothing.

Made of non-combustible and antistatic meta-aramid-carbon blend. Flat seams sewn with non-combustible meta-aramid thread does not chafe. Machine wash at 60°.

The product has been type accepted according to EN ISO 11612:2008 and EN 1149-5:2008 standards.

Made of materials: 98,6% metaaramid, 1,4% carbon

Measurements (unisex):

The dimensioning is based on the dimensioning tables given by the federation of Finnish clothing manufacturers (formerly Vaatetusteollisuuden Keskusliitto, now Finnish Textile & Fashion). The dimensions given in the table are fixed body dimensions in centimetres.

A= Chest, cm: The chest is measured at the widest point, under the armpits. The tape measure must run straight across the back.

B= Waist, cm: The waist is measured at the narrowest point.

A 98-102 102-106 106-110 110-114 114-118
B 85-90 90-95 95-100 100-105 105-110

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 21 × 16 × 6 cm

S, M, L, XL, XXL



Technical Features

Highly efficient moisture transfer from the skin, Antistatic outfit, Flexible, Flatlock stitching, Non-combustible material, Suitable for
year-round use

Fireproof Polo Neck Shirt
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