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Svala Pääsky Mittens


If you find yourself out in the cold, keep your hands warm with these mittens made of 100% Merino wool! People have been talking about Merino wool products for a long time, but now the soft wool can touch everyone in a unique way. Svala Pääsky mittens are a classic example of Finnish handicrafts. Each pair of mittens is handmade in Kärsämäki. That’s why we can promise high quality, comfort and functionality. Pääsky is a small bird known as the Swallow in English, that can often be seen in Finland during the summer before flying south during the autumn.

Colors: black

Sizes: M and L

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Svala Pääsky mittens are made of 100% Merino wool. Unlike so-called “regular” wool, Merino wool fibers are long and thin, leaving the heat generated by the hands in the knit. Similarly, Merino wool is inherently moisture-wicking and does not itch like ordinary wool.

Materials: 100% Merino wool

Color: black

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Svala Pääsky Mittens
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