World’s best technical undergarment

A whole book could be written on the world’s best technical undergarment, however, long story short:

  • does not bind moisture
  • keeps the skin dry
  • adapts to body temperature
  • cools in the heat – warms in the coldness
  • easy to maintain
  • really flexible
  • comfortable flat seams
  • always fashionable colors – black, petrol and green
  • works in every activity
  • responsibly manufactured
  • developed and made in Finland
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    Airbase long johns

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Svala is supporting the Finnish women’s fly fishing national team!

News from the upcoming fishing and competition season can be followed from the @womensflyfishingteamfinland account on Instagram. A team of five women will take part in the first women’s fly fishing world championships in July.

It’s great to follow their journey to the World Cup in Norway.