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This is the Pääsky Beanie designed to celebrate Svala's 65th anniversary in the year 2020. The Pääsky Beanie will keep your head warm and comfortable with no itching. It will keep your hair dry and the sweat out of your eyes, even during heavy exercise, thanks to the inherent properties of the Merino wool

The hat features a tassel on top, a twist on the edge and the detailing shows a small Swallow bird. Naming this hat after the Swallow, we can pay our respects to the founders of Finnsvala Oy and our roots in nature. After all, what could be a more appropriate common denominator between nature and our company than the "swallow" since swallow in Swedish is Svala!

The Pääsky beanie is made from 100% responsibly produced Merino wool (Mulesing-free), whose natural properties include antibacterial, superb moisture transfer from the skin and equalization of heat during variable temperatures. The long-fiber Merino wool is also much more comfortable than ordinary wool and doesn’t cause itchiness.

No need to wash before first use.

Wash at 30 °C. 

We recommend washing with a wool washing soap or liquid. Reshape to dry on a flat surface with good air ventilation.


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