Merino Extreme under helmet hat, Easy


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This shaped technical undergarment is suitable under a helmet or beanie for professional and leisure use. The hat is an effective moisture-wicking and warming Merino wool blend and the ears are warm and soft fleece.

Hat Merino Extreme knit: 75% Merino wool (Mulesing-free), 22% polypropylene, 3% polyamide

Square weight: 200g/m2

Ears Polartec Power Stretch Pro fleece: 57% Polyester, 33% Nylon, 10% Elastane

The knit has a technical two-layer structure with an inner layer of moisture-wicking polypropylene and an outer layer of SuperWash and moth-protected Merino wool.

Inherently antibacterial, Merino wool prevents the formation of unpleasant odors. In addition, it naturally has excellent heat storage and moisture transfer properties. Also, Long-fiber Merino wool does not itch like typical wool.

The inner surface of the Polartec Power Stretch Pro material is moisture-wicking fleece and the outer surface is lint-free polyester.

All seams are flat sewn, so the product is comfortable to wear and does not press or rub the skin.

No need to wash before first use.

Wash at 40 °C. 

We recommend washing with a wool washing soap or liquid.

Best way to dry a wet wool clothes is lay the garment out on a flat surface, taking care to reshape it as needed.

Wool should never be dried in a clothes dryer!

You can skip the washing if you refresh your clothes by hanging them in outdoors between uses.

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