Merino Extreme Neck Warmer


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This merino wool neck warmer protects the neck from cold and wind in both professional and leisure use.

75% Merino wool, 22% polypropylene, 3% polyamide.

The knit has a technical two-layer structure with an inner layer of moisture-wicking polypropylene and an outer layer of SuperWash and moth-protected Merino wool.

Inherently antibacterial, Merino wool prevents the formation of unpleasant odors. In addition, it naturally has excellent heat storage and moisture transfer properties. Also, Long-fiber Merino wool does not itch like typical wool.

No need to wash before first use.

Wash at 40 °C. 

We recommend washing with a wool washing soap or liquid.

Best way to dry a wet wool clothes is lay the garment out on a flat surface, taking care to reshape it as needed.

Wool should never be dried in a clothes dryer!

You can skip the washing if you refresh your clothes by hanging them in outdoors between uses.

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