Dress properly – clothing for leisure activities

When making your way through the forest, across the fells or down the ski slopes, it’s important that you’re wearing clothes that adapt to changing conditions and stay comfortable all the time. Up here in the north, we know only too well that the weather can turn from shine to rain with little warning, so choosing the right clothes for different leisure activities is essential.

Svala’s clothing guides will help you choose the right items for various leisure activities, whether you’re going hunting or cycling in the depths of winter. We’ll keep you comfortable wherever you are!

Hunting clothes

There are not many activities where the proper clothing is as essential as in hunting. Not only is the right wear necessary for comfort, but is also one of the most important safety factors on a hunting trip.

Cross-country ski clothing

The right kind of clothing is a must for enjoyable skiing. This is an activity where you’ll quickly work up a sweat, but when taking a break or for more leisurely cross-country skiing the chill can catch you by surprise. Layering is the key to solving this problem. And this is where Svala can help.

Downhill skiing

The proper clothing will make sure your slalom experience is unforgettable for all the right reasons. Even sub-zero conditions won’t deter you from grabbing your skis or snowboard and heading for the slopes, with the sunlight glimmering on the snow and the après-ski to look forward to. You’re sure to find just the right base and mid layer from Svala’s selection, so a fun day is guaranteed!

Winter cycling

Cycling just keeps on getting more and more popular. There are now better routes and equipment on offer than ever before, and many people cycle to work all year round. And cycling in the winter can be very pleasant if you’re properly equipped and dressed.


Snowmobiling is one of the funnest winter activities, and with certain types of driving style can even provide a good workout. Good snowmobiling wear is the key to a great drive. Svala of Finland products are designed for persons who love to get up and go, and will help up ensure a fun drive no matter what the weatherman says.