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Underwear that, once you've tried it, you'll never want to go back to the old one.
The unique Airbase collection created by Svala of Finland has been developed to withstand heavy wear and tear in all conditions. The mesh knit's buds breathe and bind air efficiently, so Airbase acts as an insulator against both cold and warm weather.
Incredibly comfortable and warm Airbase against your skin, you enjoy speed, breaks and changing temperatures. It also gives you a reliable partner for working outdoors. In severe frosts, you are guaranteed to stay warm when you add Svala's merino wool layer as an intermediate layer.

The close-fitting and flexible model has a comfortable elastic waist, elastics at the leg ends. The crotch piece is plain knit.
Airbase's 100% polypropylene thread has been treated as antibacterial even before spinning, so you stay fresh for a long time.
The silver ions are organic and harmless to humans and nature, and Airbase does not need frequent washing when you air it out after use.
Designed and manufactured in Finland.


120 g/m²


100% Polypropylene, silver ionized

Design and production


Versatile and high-tech long-legged pants for varying conditions. Suitable for professional and leisure use all year round. Tight-fitting design with elasticated ankles. Made of two types of polypropylene knit; the legs are a crocheted mesh while the crotch area is a smooth knitted fabric.

Worn against the skin, the moisture-wicking antibacterial mesh knit stores air in its loops, which means that the product has a heat-balancing effect regardless of the level of activity. This means that it stays cool in the heat and provides warmth in the cold. This garment performs superbly as a base layer during heavy exercise, even if temperatures drop as low as -15°C.

Also available with front fly slit.

The material is made of a very flexible and skin-friendly silver ionized polypropylene mesh. The loops of the mesh knit store air which then adapts to the body temperature and balances out any variations in the ambient temperature. Polypropylene does not absorb moisture, but transfers it away from the skin, keeping it always dry. Silver ionization prevents the growth of bacteria, so the garment stays odorless and fresh for longer. The treatment is done to the core of the fiber at the manufacturing stage, so the garment retains its properties throughout its life cycle. All the seams are flat sewn seams, so the product is comfortable to wear and does not press or rub the skin.

Material: 100% polypropylene, silver ionized / antibacterial

Square weight: 120 g/m2

Wash at 60°C.

We recommend washing in a wash bag to avoid the net knit sticking to the zippers/etc of other clothes.

If you hang the garment outside between uses and air it for a while, you don’t need to wash it so often.

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