Merino Design Women’s Zip-neck shirt, Pääsky


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According to a Finnish proverb, the arrival of summer is
"half a month from a finch - not a day from a swallowbird (Swedish: svala)!"

Whether it's summer or winter, this pleasant layering shirt made of merino wool can be worn every day,
because it is suitable for both underwear and intermediate wear in all seasons.


210 g/m²


100% Mulesing free Merino wool

Design and production


A super soft shirt with a playful swallow bird (svala in Swedish) pattern.
Made from 100% Mulesing free Merino wool

Suitable as part of a layering system, either as a base layer or an intermediate layer.

High collar with a zippered wind-protected front slit, long fitted sleeves, flat seams

Unisex sizes in relation to women’s EUR sizes:

XXS 36
XS 38
S 40
M 42
L 44
XL 46
XXL 48
3XL 50


for further information, look size chart

Material: 100% Merino Wool (Mulesing-free)

Density: 210g/m²

Merino wool is naturally antibacterial, stores heat, effectively regulates temperature variations, and wicks moisture away from the skin. Long-fibered Merino wool also does not itch like regular wool.

All dyes and finishing agents used in coloring adhere to the ÖKO TEX 100 standard.

No need to wash before use.
Wash at 30°C.
We recommend washing with a wool washing soap or liquid.
The best way to dry wet wool clothes is to lay the garment out on a flat surface, taking care to reshape it as needed.
Wool should never be dried in a tumble dryer.
Washing intervals can be extended by airing the product between uses

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